More Connectors

More Connectors

Automotive Connectors

Automotive Connectors available online to suit most automotive, marine, agricultural and mining applications. We distribute automotive connectors worldwide and offer a selection of genuine connectors from quality manufacturers like TE Connectivity, APTIV (Delphi Packard), Schlemer and Anderson Power Products. Please see our range below:

Bosch Connectors

Bosch Low Pole Connectors

Solutions for sensors and actuators along the powertrain.

Bosch High Pole Connectors

Connectors designed for electronic control units for efficient powertrains and driver safety.

Bosch Terminals

Terminals for reliable power- and signal transmission.

Bosch Connector Acessories

From cable tie to crimping tool, our accessory for your wire harness assembly.

TE Connectivity Connectors

Deutsch Connectors

DEUTSCH industrial environmentally sealed electrical connectors are for critical applications and are designed to withstand the harshest and most challenging environments.

AMPSEAL Connectors

AMPSEAL automotive connectors provide rugged reliability, easy use and superior environmental sealing. They are available in cable plugs and PCB mount headers that are designed to stand up to high-temperature underhood applications.

AMPSEAL 16 Connectors

The AMPSEAL 16 Connector System is targeted for off-road, heavy duty industrial, recreational and agricultural applications. This wire-to-wire and wire-to-device connector line was designed to meet the rigorous demands of an industry that requires the highest standards in performance.

AMP SuperSeal 1.5 Series Connectors

TE Connecitivty has developed the AMP SUPERSEAL 1.5 series connector family to meet the increasing requirements for reliability and water proofness. AMP SUPERSEAL 1.5 series connector exceed the requirements prescribed by IP 67 according IEC 60529 and DIN 40050-9 standards and has its application in the automotive, agriculture and industrial machinery. For sensor application the AMP SUPERSEAL 1.5 series Connector system is qualified as well.

Leavyseal Connectors

The rugged LEAVYSEAL connectors are multi-pin and accept multiple wire sizes. LEAVYSEAL products utilize a lever lock system for mating and are available in several mounting styles and keying options. The housings come in six sizes and feature an integrated cable attachment.

APTIV Connection Systems

Weather-Pack Connectors

Metri-Pack Connectors

Metri-Pack is a family of electrical connection systems which utilizes internationally standardize male blade sizes allowing for flexibility in design. Blade sizes range from 1.5 mm to 8 mm with current capabilities ranging from 14 to 60 amps. Ideal for sealed and unsealed applications in motors, switches, sensors, junction boxes and other devices.

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